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Rockshox Pike bleeding

Flux_mtbFlux_mtb Posts: 4
edited February 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey there,

I am about to order kit and oil, as I decided to bleed my fork, since I bought it second hand and no idea what is going on inside it. Taking into account that its going to be my first bleed, I have found a bleeding kit, however, a little bit confused about the oil. Could anyone confirm which to use and how much should I buy.

I did some research and it appears to me that, for charger damper I need 3wt.
And 0w-30 is used for lower legs. Is that true? Do I need to bleed all both parts at once? How much oil should I buy, I mean is it worth buying full bottle 463-1000ml or 100ml bottles are enough for couple of bleeds?

Please help, thanks!


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