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Glasses recommendation.

Mark__gtiMark__gti Posts: 177
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I've been cycling to work for afew years now and never worn any glasses before.
Last week i got some grit in my eye and had to take a trip to A&E to get it out, not an experience i want to have again.
So what glasses are people using? Are oakleys etc worth the extra money?


  • I use Salice glasses and love them. I'm sure oakley's are very good but never tried them. I think the majority of glasses come with changeable lenses for different conditions but check just to make sure, it's amazing what changing to orange lenses from dark ones can do for you.
  • rhodrichrhodrich Posts: 867
    Bolle Contour ESP

    Cost under £10, are good looking, well made, and every bit as good as glasses costing 5 times as much. ... pecs/95382
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  • Rhodrich wrote:
    Bolle Contour ESP

    Cost under £10, are good looking, well made, and every bit as good as glasses costing 5 times as much. ... pecs/95382
    Been using Bollé glasses for years. I'd lose or scratch anything more expensive. Look good and work well. ESP coating is great in darker weather.
  • Also worth mentioning that polycarbonate lensed safety glasses (even clear ones) give virtually 100% UV protection 8)
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Wore my Bolles today on the commute and had to keep pushing them back up my nose, it seems the nose bridge is wider than my nose so tonight I bent the bridge inwards a little and put them on and shook my head which appears to have worked unless the plastic goes back to how it was overnight.
    The lenses cover more of my eyes/face than my Oakleys.
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  • I use Ribble. I've had expensive ones and can't justify the cost anymore. My £15 Ribbles have lasted longer than any of the others.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Decathlon £2.99 yellow tints, they are a bit brittle and only last me about 9 months, but I usually loose a pair of glasses within 12 months anyway......
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  • PufftmwPufftmw Posts: 1,941
    I am lucky enough to have a g/friend that went and bought me some of these

    with photochromatic lenses

    Had them for over 5 years, wearing almost daily and I can't fault them. No scratches or any other problems. They're great in all weathers and are really comfortable.
  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,134
    +1 for the Decathlon ones (Arenberg I think) - I have the clear ones, which are great for riding home in the dark. I have some photochromic ones for when it gets brighter which you can get away with wearing after dark, but the clear ones are better particularly if it starts to rain.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    I met my first cloud of midges tthis year going along the canal yesterday. Time to get the glasses out for the spring!

    I recommend the Edinburgh bike co-op set with three lots of lenses for £9.99 ... ccessories
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    I have a set of decathlon photo chromatic and they are very good and excellent value.

    However I also have a pair of Oakley jawbones, tremendous glasses but I cannot in any way justify the expenditure.
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