Why isn't Schwalbe's best tyre the most popular?

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Ok so "best" depends on particular requirements but I was looking at the Marathon Plus. If you ignore the weight, it pretty much ticks all of the boxes. Good rolling resistance. some decent trail grip and bomb proof. Loads of great reviews. But then I look at the specs of the Mondail (according to Schwalbe). They appear to be better. They call it their ultimate touring tire. Lighter, better rolling resistance and grip (unless I'm reading it wrong). Slightly more expensive but if you paid £500 - 1000 for a bike, is that really an issue? Very few buyer reviews so I presume that a lot less people buy them.
What am I missing?



  • Sizing. It's only recently that "road" bikes that can take a 35c with 'guards (smallest Mondial, in a commuting setup) have become available, whereas the Marathon/Marathon Plus is available down to 25c, which simply fits more bikes.
  • The Mondial doesn't have the same puncture protection as the M+ does - Schwalbe rate it 4 out of 6 (which is pretty average for a tour tyre) compared to the M+'s 6 out of 6 - so it's not really in the same class if that's the primary reason for getting them.

    If you want a nice compromise then just get Marathon GreengGuards. They're a bit heavier than the Mondials, but are better all round.
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    The schwable marthon plus is quite draggy as a tyre that is why it is jot popukar. It fine those who want trounle free miles dint we all but the down side even more my high milegae to too mucb to stomach. This is especially true as the challange strada binaca for me has been trouble free over 5000km until i rellaced them witb tubeless tyres and they are more comfortable while have lower rolling resistance.
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    Are you kidding? The Marathon plus is REALLY popular. That was my point.
    Thanks for your input Sleeper service. I eventually figured it out. Actually I went a (slightly) different way and ordered a set of Marathon plus tours. According to Schwalbe, the same resistance but a bit more knobbly on the edges. We shall see.