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Changed phone suppliers yesterday so I can finally use it at home - just got to wait for my number to come across

Today is expensive, as whilst the wife goes shopping in town, I've got an electrition here - dread to think which is going to cost the most

Later is the wife's family for the w.end - so that will be filled with joyless times


  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 43,907
    Morning, got up early to take the hound out and now supping coffee. A day of jobs awaits, although the footy may provide some light relief.

    Need some exercise as well, may need to go running...

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  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    Good day dolphin polishers,

    Standard driving of ski guests blah this morning, picked up nephew who is out for some skiing and now await the young un sorting out his lift pass! Fancy a wee ski this pm to make sure i still can after broken wrist-a-geddon!

    The chalet witches i work with were almost pleasant this morning, think they may still have been drunk and didn't realise what they were doing!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • Afternoon Losers!

    Went out shopping this morning as needed some new jeans. Primarni before 10am is the time to go. No queues, no hassle, just in and out minus £9. Bargain. Then bought some stuff for the mothership as it's her birthday tomorrow. Got her something from my old man too, just need her to censored off for a while so he can sign the card.

    This afternoon, I'm off to the football. Bury v Colchester. Colchester are bottom of the league, it should be a walkover.... should...

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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,405 Lives Here
    Evening all,
    Fairly slow day here. Went out with the Mrs as she wanted to buy me some new shoes, I don't think I need new shoes as I have shoes. I now have new shoes, as if there was ever any doubt. Over to my folks tomorrow for food and cake, otherwise not much going on, mainly chilling.
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