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Reflectors, bells etc.

caveman38caveman38 Posts: 8
edited February 2016 in Commuting general
I have just purchased a small saddle bag to accommodate a spare tube, tools etc. Because my hybrid bike has only had the saddle raised 4", I needed to remove the reflector and the bag sits under the saddle and just rests on the rear light.
Regarding legalities should I be looking to put the reflector somewhere else on the bike or is the rear light sufficient.
The only reason I ask is that I read that in the case of an accident, the third party may notice this and I would be deemed to be the guilty party of the accident.
BTW I am not a commuter but sometimes ride the bike when it's dark. What do you guys do to make yourself bullet proof - including the bell.


  • You can fit the reflector on your seatstay - done that myself though you may need to buy a new bracket.

    You don't officially need a bell fitted to be legal - bike shops must fit them but you can take them off. I'd keep it on if it's not getting in the way
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