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New Tech Kit Report

meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
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Since it wasn't icy today, I got the chance to test out some new tech kit:

Schwalbe S-Ones: having got them on the wheels, I gave them a go today and they felt good - very light and quite bouncy compared to the Clements that were on there before. Despite having been off the bike for nearly 3 weeks and it being pretty cold and wet today, I got a couple of 2nd fastests on Strava (that includes riding the Foil with Paves), so they aren't slow (not the most scientific I know).

Rapha CX Shoes (2016 version): very simple - I wasn't aware of them - can't ask more.

Gore One: finally was raining hard enough for the jacket tonight. Very impressed with the waterproof capabilities - water did nothing but bead and roll off. Breathability was good - started to get a bit sweaty towards the end but I get very sweaty so I count that as pretty impressive. It's very windproof. My niggle would be that there's not much volume around the girth if you have a lot in your rear pockets - this leads to the jacket riding up a bit. A racing snake might not have this issue but I do think this could be improved.
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