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Advice on which Hybrid?

Micky045Micky045 Posts: 5
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Looking to sell my Orange MTB and replace it with a hybrid for a work commute. I've seen a couple I like, but not sure which is the best?

My commute to work will be very flat (mainly along a river) and on roads, so I'd be looking for something light and quick and I've managed to whittle my choice down to these two.

Boardman Hybrid Team: ... -team-bike

Cannonade Quick CX 3: ... e-ec120275

I think I'm swaying towards the Boardman because I think it's lighter and is known for very good parts, but the Cannondale has got some very good reviews on the Evans Cycles website also

Does anyone have any experience with these bikes? If so, which would you recommend? Any advice or feedback would be appreciated!



  • I have the Hybrid Team 2014 model, and it's an excellent bike. The only slight criticism I have of it is that the maximum frame size is 54cm, which sometimes feels slightly small for my 6'3" frame. That said, putting a longer stem on it seems to have sorted that out.

    The 2016 model looks pretty much the same bike, except it uses Shimano gears and brakes. Personally, I'd say the Apex on the 2014 model is better than the Tiagra on the 2016, but not to the point where it makes that much difference, so if you can get the 2014 model in a size that fits you (or even the Pro), then I'd do that but I wouldn't worry too much if you can't.

    As for the Cannondale, I'd steer clear of any bike that has front suspension for commuting as it just feels like extra weight and moving parts for no real benefit. Even taking that aside, the Hybrid Team 2016 model has vastly better components than it.
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  • I have the Cannondale Quick CX 1 that I use to commute. It is a very good bike. The clearance on it is good and so with some cyclocross type tyres it copes with anything I need to do off-road. Alternatively some road suitable tyres really make it go a lot faster. It's amazing how different the same bike can perform with different tyres.

    I do have some off-road on my commute and so I find the suspension fork useful. If the bike is only going to be used for your commute and it's on roads only then I would go for the Boardman.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Boardman is going to be much lighter than the Cannondale - no quoted weights but I'd estimate 5-6lbs less - a better bet for for the black top.

    Also consider the Triban 540: ... nformation

    This is basically a road bike with flat bars, but if it suits your agenda, is a light, fast bike for this cash.
  • I wouldn't rule out a London Road flat bar, or the Hoy range at Evans, both come in at ~10Kg. ... t-bar-bike ... ce_inc_vat

    Given my Voodoo Wazoo is ~3Kg lighter than the quoted weight on the Halfords site, it would not surprise me if the Voodoo Marassa is lighter than the quoted 12.7Kg, which is reduced by 10% at the mo. ... ybrid-bike

    The Boardman frames do look lovely in the flesh, no ugly weld seams.
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  • Really appreciate all the posts and advice, links etc, they've been really helpful!

    After looking about since my last post, I found Halfords do a Boardman end of season sale. I checked it out and found this and got it home yesterday. ... reId=10001

    For the price, I think I've got myself a lot of bike with good parts for a very good price, I'm very happy with it. Took it for a spin yesterday afternoon and it's super light and quick, just what I was looking for. It's my first Boardman, but doubt it'll be my last.
  • Good choice.

    I had mine out today with its summer rubber on (yeah, I know...) and it was lovely. You can't go wrong with it.
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  • Great stuff. I'm sure that will be perfect for your commute. Happy riding.
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