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LeePaton - Avoid!!

Penfold06Penfold06 Posts: 161
Lee was very keen to make a sale, responding quickly via pm, phone and text. We agreed I would pay £1000 for his bike, a Raleigh RX Team CX bike, and he would send the bike the following day. Having been caught out before using this forum I used Paypal Goods and covered the fees myself, I've learnt the hard way that +3.4% is totally worth it every time!

Anyway, to keep this brief, communication broke down. He made false promises with days between responses. Finally, a week later he told me that he wasn't happy with the way the courier handled the bike when they came to pick it up. He then suggested he would travel down the next day and deliver the bike himself. Needless to say, he never turned up and offered no explanation despite my constant attempts to contact him. I reported him to Paypal and setup a dispute.

I knew he was capable of replying because he was active on various social media sites, constantly posting to twitter. At that point I decided to inform him that I was getting the police involved... he replied immediately but still refused to give my money back! All he had to do was reply to the Paypal attempts to contact him and agree to reimburse me. Instead, he ignored Paypal meaning it was a month before Paypal were able to return my money.

This guy is pathetic, he gained nothing from this except cause a lot of stress and hassle for someone trying to strike an honest deal. People like this are exactly what is wrong with the world we live in. AVOID.


  • Kudos to Paypal Buyer Protection for sorting this out for me!
  • beetle1beetle1 Posts: 189
    Disgraceful behaviour and good on you to complete the transaction in that manner. I honestly believe that sometimes people do it to get a temporary loan, it happened to me once buying an iPhone, the guy responded, delayed and inevitably I received my money back. Lets hope some positive action is taken and he is removed from the forum as we don't need this kind of person / behaviour.
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