sram ultegra chain ring compatibility

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does anyone know if its possible to use an sram 22 xglide chainring set ( inner and outer ) on an ultegra 6700 10 speed crankset? they're both compacts with a 110 bcd and it looks like it may work although the pedal pin won't line up due to the new sram configuration but will it work as in keep the correct chainlink and actually shift ok?


  • i think all 10 speed chain sets will be fine. I run a rotor 10 speed chainset with 11 speed ultegra/sram red mix with no issues
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    it'll work

    but if the chain does ever come off you may regret not having the pin in the correct position to prevent it jamming!

    btw velonews tested the sram yaw chainset with non-yaw fd, they work but shifting was not as good
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    Thanks for the replies.
    I do have a red 22 yaw front mech and the rings I have are marked for yaw mech only. In an ideal world I would buy a red 22 chainset but I can't really afford it at the moment so was trying to build it with the bits I already have.
    I understand about the chain getting jammed if it over shifts and throws the chain off but hopefully if I set it all up correct I should be ok till I get paid next month and can buy the correct crank.