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Ice on Hyde Park cycle path - (speakers corner)

kskikski Posts: 2
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hi all
I have cycled from Paddington to work for 12 + years, and normally cruise along through Hyde Park.
On 14th Jan 0730 , as I left the service road (North Carriage Drive) and went past the Boris Bikes to join the cycle path heading South (20 metres before Speakers corner), I hit some black ice and fell off - Breaking my femur.

Now I am not normally one to complain - but whilst I was waiting to be loaded into the ambulance - another 12 people came off at the same spot. Odd I thought through the drugs!
The Local Parks people rocked up at 8.45 to spread some Grit - possibly spurred into action by an ambulance & a Police car in attendance.

So chatting to a friend who helped me - two things have emerged.
1 - Should the Parks have gritted the night before or earlier in the am.
2 - The area was resurfaced with close bond tarmac for cycles last Autumn, is this surface suitable for cold weather - as it seems to hold moisture and sub 4 degrees creates an ice rink.

Has anyone else had a similar skid or fall at this spot. Apparently is has a very bad reputation.

Interested to hear any feedback.
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