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Advice for a Giant

CalumrosieCalumrosie Posts: 3
edited February 2016 in MTB beginners
New to Mtb. Been doing a bit of research and reckon a hard tail on a budget of £400 to £600 is what I'm after.
I am 6ft 5 ins - should I assume that a 29er wheel will automatically suit someone my height? Would be obliged for best buys in that range in the forum's opinion.


  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    No, wheel size has nothing to do with rider height. I'm also 6ft 5 and have a giant anthem (27.5 wheels). Cracking bike. On your budget I would be looking at second hand.
  • For circa £500 there are plenty of good bikes out there from new, not a patch on what £500 will get you used though.

    If the op is new to mtb or bikes in general he may not have the tools / knowledge to make tweaks and running repairs associated with a used bike. At least with new a LBS will size / advise and offer a first service while he finds his feet. Cycle to work scheme also great for this price range.
  • Thanks gents
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