Anything else than H2?

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I'm aware of H2, but its possible I may be moving offices at some point, being a fairly small team we tend to not go into huge offices, so often onsite showers are an issue, I can easily keep my bike in current office and use local gym to wash, but not sure if next place will have space for bikes inside, and I'm not locking anything up on the street.

Is there anything else out there that folk are aware of like H2, or a gym that has secure parking or anything like that? Just mulling over options - I seem to spend about £130 on PAYG travel each month anyway so if its time to hang up the commuting gloves its not going to hurt financially but would be nice to stick with it for killing two birds with one stone...!

Potentially that office might not be a stroll from H2 - its really strange they haven't tried to expand IMO!
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