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Hey all!
Recently, I was in an accident and now I'm in the market for a new road bike! The bike I had before was a Fuji Cross that I used for commuting and riding the the clubs around town. I'm a college student and I'm on the cycling team, I'm now looking for a bike to race with! I looked around town and test ride a few bikes. The bikes I tested were the 2016 Defy advanced, 2016 tcr (forgot which one) the 2015 specialized roubaix, 2016 specialized roubaix, a 2014 Fuji SST, and the 2013 Fuji Altamira. Out of all of the bikes, the one that I liked aestheticallywas definitely the 2016roubaix with di2, but the one that felt the best was the Altamira. The problem is, it's a model from 2013. Not sure if it's too old of a model. It's got full ultegra with the exception of the 105 chainset and rotor 3DF crankset. It's carbon frame and fork, and it's only $1,500. If I got it i would swap the crankset and Chainset. It's the 2.3C model.
If possible, I'd like to get some input please. I'll be using this bike for racing the college level races and I will fix the cross to use for training.
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