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I bought a North Face Tadpole a few years ago but only been used 7 times for weekend tours but all the waterproofing has peeled off. North Face weren't very helpful when i complained. So I now have to buy another one and I'd like opinions on which one to buy that will last more than a few trips. I've been looking at ones about £100 to £300. One I like the look of is the Vango Banshee. Any thoughts would be welcome, Bruce


  • I've got the Vango Blade 100 and done a few tours with it now. On the whole pleased with it. Good points are low weight and not to bulky on the bike, only a shade over 1.5kg. The single pole construction going lengthways means it is quite roomy as well, good headroom etc down the middle and has a decent sized porch area. Only downside I've found was it wasn't great in really strong winds as quite upright.
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    Can you reproof it? Cheaper than a new one if the tent suits you. Why did it peel off? Was it out in extreme heat?
  • Hi
    I was looking at A SNUPAK tent scorpion or bunker anyone had any?
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    Check out Alpkit. They do some decent tents at good prices