Wittson Suppresio custom

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Hi all

With many thanks to Mr Branson for his very kind offer of free money for two years, here is my new bike...


Frame: Wittson Suppresio (custom)
Forks: Enve 2.0 (i blacked out the logo with some fleabay decals)
Bars: Deda zero 100
Stem: Deda Superleggero
Headset: Chris King
Bar Tape: Fizik
Groupset: 9070 Di2
Cables: Yokozuna (had these left over from my other bike - particularly pleased with how well the colour matches the frame)
Seat: Arione R1 carbon
Seat Post: integrated
Seat Post Clamp: Ritchey 'Topper'
Pedals: Keo carbon blade 2
Wheels: Reynolds Assault SLG
Tyres: Vittoria Evo Corsa
Accessories: Some very DIY Di2 shifters on the bars. (Functional if a little rough around the edges - and still need to fix to the bars.)
Weight: dunno!

Debating whether to pull off the Reynolds decals - views? (and, if so, tips?!) Will trim remaining steerer tube excess once settled on stem height. If interested in the brand, check out wittson.com. They were easy to deal with and patiently responded to my myriad questions! (And yes, i have long legs)


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  • Hi,

    Great looking ride.
    How do you find the Reynolds Assault wheels, thinking about buying some but am slightly undecided at the moment....these or Zipps.
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    I think I love it, I'm really liking the industrial look of it, love the tan wall tyres against the black of the tyre tread and the wheels...
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    Takes over as nicest Ti bike on here. Lovely.

    Leave decals - it breaks things up. I've had un-decaled deep rims before and they don't look as nice as subtly decaled deep rims.
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    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
  • cheers all, thanks for comments. (managed to lock myself out of my account, so on a new account til the admins help me get back in!)

    e30matt - to be honest i've neither done enough miles on the wheels to give you an informed view nor ridden enough deep(ish) whees to offer much of a comparison. So far, they seem spot on. With the Reynolds blue pads the breaking is really sharp (blooming well should be for the price of them!); they feel stiff but comfortable (bit of brake rub when standing up and pushing hard if the pads are set close to the rim); and the loud click from the freehub is worth a hundred quid at least.

  • I love titanium bikes and that sir is a beauty. Pure and simply a beauty,,,

    Straighten that headset cap though :)
  • Oh, I fellow wittson Rider! This looks very nice with such sleek lines
  • I finally managed to get a competent photographer to take a decent photo of my Wittson (a friend, James, whose webpage is http://www.jawphotography.co.uk). Thought i'd share:

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    Great photo. Really does the bike justice
  • I'm usually a bit 'meh' with titanium bikes, but that is truly gorgeous.
  • I ride a custom Ti so I'm a bit biased as I think a round-tubed Ti frame is aesthetically as pure and perfect as a bike gets. Yours is supreme in this respect although I believe they look best completely monochrome and de-logoed as far as possible (not including the Enve fork logo and DA crank logos!) so I'd get a pair of GP4000SII and remove the Reynolds rim logos or cover them with black decals.

    A truly beautiful bike though, a credit to your obviously exquisite taste, sir! :-)

    EDIT: I just noticed you already did the Enve ghost logo job!
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    Hi all

    Recent change in colour. The saddle (selle Italia nubuck) is slowly becoming the same colour as the grips (supacaz coffee) - ideally would have got selle italia's matching bar tape but it had terrible reviews. The Reynolds are on another bike so 202s have gone on, with stealth decals added in place of the white ones. (Braking nowhere near as good a second the assaults, imo.)

    One day I'll learn how to take a photo...

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    Appreciate it's your pride and joy but, imo the original looked so much better. Those wheels give it a cheap appearance and I'm pretty sure the bar tape saddle colour will be a bit marmite to the forumites, me included.
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    thats a cracking bike, very interesting how it appears far more retro with the different saddle colour/bartape .

    Nicely done