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Daft rear cage question

mulletmastermulletmaster Posts: 502
edited January 2016 in Workshop
I'm obviously doing something totally daft here but for the life of me cannot work it out.
I'm changing the rear cage or a 6870 rear derailleur and now whatever way I've swapped it the bottom pulley wants to rotate anti clockwise towards the front of the bike rather than the more appropriate clockwise rotation.
I've tried putting the spring in both ways and tried using the original cage again to no avail. There is only one place that the spring can park in the derailleur and two on the cage so I cannot see what I'm doing wrong/
Anybody want to stop me pulling my hair out?


  • I think we'll need a picture - I can't imagine how the bottom jockey wheel can rotate anti-clockwise (assuming normal pedalling).
  • Now solved, the cage basically needed installed at 12 o clock while ensuring the limit bar clears the stop and wound over the top tightly.
  • Thanks for the response, I meant the cage pivoting anti clockwise rather than clockwise.
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