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Cube LTD Pro vs Race 2016 vs Scott Scale 960

aspiringcyclistaspiringcyclist Posts: 7
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I am thinking of buying a mountain bike for the first time, having previously only used a road bike. Various models stand out under £1000 (cycle to work scheme limit) especially the Cube LTD series and the Scott Scale. It seems that Cube bikes are better spec'd than the Scott and so I'm veering towards them. The LTD series in black looks great, and I'm slightly torn between the Race and the Pro. Both seem to have pretty much identical Shimano XT gear systems etc, with the fork and slightly better brakes the only noticeable difference. Does anyone have a view on whether a relative newcomer notice the benefit of spending the extra money on the Race, or indeed whether the Scott (or any other bike for that matter) would be better. The Cube bikes have a Shimano XT ShadowPlus derailleur whereas the Scott only has the standard clutchless XT (does a clutch really make a big difference?) It will mainly be used on woodland trails and (relatively) gentle hills. Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • ArnieBArnieB Posts: 16

    I've had a voodoo bizango for 3 years and a cube ltd race for 1 year - the voodoo has a standard shimano rear derailleur whilst the cube has an XT shadowplus derailleur. Personally the cube is better - it changes gear more smoothly. I'd also say that the front derailleur is miles better. occasionally the voodoo will refuse to change down a cog so I have to manually do this for it.

    I've just completed the evans rideit event in rochdale. Being in the Pennines this had a mix of short sharp climbs and short sharp descents, so the gearing was a key reason for being able to complete it!

    As I will always say with bikes, its impossible to say which is "best" as it depends on where you ride and how you ride. if you are after a good XC bike then I like my cube,
  • Thanks ArnieB - your reply is much appreciated. Interestingly I went into my LBS yesterday and they were trying to push me towards the Scale 960 because of it 'having a superior frame ', though they conceded that the LTD Race's spec was muchbetter. Presumably from your comment you have no issue with the Cube's frame? I suspect that someone like me (mid 40's who is unlikely to go down vertical descents) won't notice the difference!
  • ArnieBArnieB Posts: 16
    Hi aspiring cyclist.

    I've never ridden the Scott so I can't pass comment on it. The cube frame is fine for what I want it to do though. It's noticeably lighter than the voodoo and is an easier climber. It handles my local descents pretty well though the voodoo does have more heft on the bigger ones. I ride mainly cross country and the cube is brill. If I was riding lots of trail centres and/or dh routes then I suspect the cube wouldn't work.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    The Scott frame is no better than the Cube. Your local shop will always tell you that what they are selling is better.
  • Ok - latest dilemma is that my LBS will allow me to get the Scale 950 if I write a cheque for the balance over the cycle to work £1000 limit. Does anyone have an opinion of the merits of the Scale 950 vs the 960 or the Cube Race. As far as I can tell it has a much better fork and also better brakes. Thoughts?
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    The fork is the single most important component on a hardtail, it has a huge effect on how the bike rides. If the cheaper bike has a better fork then it's an easy choice.
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