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Putting this here as more London-centric.

All those who work in the city - are you aware of the butchers on watling street?

Some colleagues of mine aren't even aware of it's existence.


  • Opposite the Pavilion Pub?
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  • mtb-idle
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    walked past it on the way to the Pavilion End but not been in for a butchers
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    Queues out of the door for their hot counter? I've been going there on and off for years, both for the pre-cooked stuff and also for steaks.
  • Ian.B
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    The one near the pub which has been around for years (iirc it used to be round the corner in Bow Lane), or the posh new one a bit further along that's part of the One New Change development? Are you recommending it?
  • Never even heard of it, and I basically work above Watling Street.
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  • Anonymous
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    whatleytom wrote:
    Never even heard of it, and I basically work above Watling Street.

    This is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about! Take a 5 pound note and join the queue.

    Called Porterford Butchers.
  • dhope
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    Was thinking I used to work right by Watling Street and couldn't remember a butchers.

    Saw the name of the place. Ahh, now I remember. Yeah, I've been there many times.
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  • rower63
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    the one in new change has a bandsaw at one end of it, terrifying things
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    I stopped eating meat before Christmas...
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