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Replacement Tyres for Croix de Fer

grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 323
edited January 2016 in Road buying advice
I bought a 2015 Croix de Fer 30 at the end of last year (which I love)... however I have just suffered my 3rd puncture on it, which I think exceeds the number I got in the entire year up until then on my other bikes.

This is my first bike with anything larger than 23 or 25mm tyres on it. They are Continental Cyclocross Speed 700x35c. Not sure if I've just been unlucky or whether these actually aren't great for puncture resistance but I am considering replacing if the flats continue at this rate.

So, any suggestions for alternatives? I'd be happy with the same size or perhaps 32mm. Obviously puncture resistance should be good - but also ideally something that isn't going to be a pig to get on and off the rim should I need to fix a flat. I ride mainly on road (not always the best surfaces of course) with the very occasional light offroad trails.



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