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Bike and frame stolen - please keep an eye out

bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
edited January 2016 in Road general
Morning everyone,

Just woke up to find the padlocks on my garage broken and everything bike related is gone.....
To say I'm in a bit of a state is putting it mildly.

Could I ask anyone just to let me know if they see any of the following for sale anywhere:

Trek Domane 5.2 (bright orange) Size 56 - all stock kit
Focus Izalco Team SL frame - (black with blue & white highlights) Size large

Stolen last night from Beckenham (BR3).

Im in absolute pieces about this - the Domane was such a good bike, and I had just picked up the Izalco frame to build as my summer project. No doubt they've taken all the tools and a couple of expensive lights too - I couldn't even bear to check.

Really regretting not having any tracking or security numbers on it now - easy to be smart after the event.
Don't even know if my flat insurance will cover guessing not.

If you could kindly keep your eyes peeled for anything that might fit the bill I would be very grateful.


  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,670
    That's awful! I'm so sorry mate. There are some absolute scum out there!
    Get on to the plod & avoid touching anything until they arrive.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,148
    Gutted for you mate.

    What area are you in ?

    House insurance usually gives some cover but only to about £500...

    Hope it turns up...
  • start scouring the second hand ads of the usual online and local places.

    Sorry - you must be absolutely gutted.
    Did you note the frame numbers, take photos etc?
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  • bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
    Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the responses.

    Just checked our Tenants insurance.....£300 cover for bikes. :oops:
    No security markings or photos either - I couldn't have made it much easier for them could I?!

    Lesson learnt the very hard way I guess - just feel sick to my stomach.
    Got the Izalco frame off eBay a couple of weeks ago and was going to be a lovely summer build as I have a real soft spot for Izalcos (even though my back doesn't!) - and the Domane was like losing a friend - my everyday bike that fitted me to a tee and was still really fast.

    I'm keeping an eye on gumtree and eBay just in case anything appears.
  • mamil314mamil314 Posts: 1,103
    Would frame pictures be gone from a recently closed ebay transaction? Maybe previous owner would be aware of serial number etc?
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    This site is useful for logging info, also used by the police for tracing owners...
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,405 Lives Here
    bsharp77 wrote:
    I'm keeping an eye on gumtree and eBay just in case anything appears.
    I found my bike on the bay over 6 weeks after it was taken. I presume the guy waited thinking I wouldn't be looking for that long. Got it back with the help of the boys in blue, but I really had to pester them.
    I realise it's too late for you but I would implore anyone else to get their bike security marked. The Met Police will do it for free, not sure about others.
    Good luck, I hope you have some joy getting them back.
  • Must be absolutely gutting to lose bikes like that, sorry to read. :(

    Be careful about getting new ones in the near future, perhaps through insurance claim, professional thieves could strike your garage again in a month or so.
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  • Yes beware the Peckham shoppers. The police told me about it.

    They send in the kids to steal some stuff which is relatively old. If they get caught then fine. One month later they come and clear out your spanking new insurance claim goods.

    Be careful. It might seem expensive but an alarm with a call up system is the way to go. They only pick the easy targets.
  • bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
    Thanks for all the comments and advice guys.

    Yes, the police warned me this morning about any possible replacement bike being a high target.

    Im moving back to Ireland next month (typical timing), so will hold off on buying a replacement until I get me plenty of time to oogle over possible replacements (and start saving).

    I may have just started a thread on road buying advice to cheer myself up! :lol:

    Needless to say ill be getting tip top security measures & insurance in place no matter where the new bike lives.
  • motogullmotogull Posts: 319
    A bit late and possibly irrelevant, but always park up close to your garage door. We always have and our neighbour didn't. You know who got broken into.
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,191
    Even if your bikes are in a shed/garage, make sure the bikes have decent locks on them too.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,204
    check here

    gumtree is the thieves' favourite, my direct experience is that gumtree will not give any useful assistance, nor remove adverts for stolen bikes, imho they are willing fences, so if you see yours on there be prepared to move fast - tell the police, though again they may not be much use

    you can set up alerts on ebay so that you're emailed if there's a matching item

    rfid tags etc. are little use, to succeed the criminals need to miss the tag, the police need to pick up the bike and have the correct scanner and use it, not an impossible chain of events, but still not a likely one

    best is multiple layers of security and locks that can only be cut with an angle grinder, plus an alarm if practical

    commiserations, it's a bummer, i know how i felt when mine was pinched
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
    I think is only bikes in London. There's also I'm not sure how comprehensive those are. Obviously if the bike's description/name is spelt right and is in the bikes section they'll pick it up. But if in a totally different section of a site (eg I found a stolen Kinesis Racelight listed in something like sports>cycling>forks on eBay) I'm not sure. I used some website misspelling generators to generate a whole massive list of misspellings based on bike name, generated a bunch of links to for each misspelling. Also do searches for the main components as thieves split up bikes and sell them that way. There's also and (find that bike cover preloved but not craigslist). In case you haven't guessed, I had my bike stolen too about three months ago :( horrible.
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