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getfit14getfit14 Posts: 15
edited January 2016 in Road general
Firstly apologies if this has been asked before i have tried to look but cannot find the answer. I used to be able to upload my ride map to Facebook but now when i upload my ride all it shows is the strava icon . Any help would be gratefully received.


  • Should show it if you share the activity from the mobile app, doesn't if you share from the website.
  • i have shared it from my iphone app and have not had a problem until late last year but instead of showing my route it now shows a Strava icon which if you click on will reveal the route but ideally i just want the route .
  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    Works fine for me from both web and iphone app. Does't work for zwift or other virtual rides though, quite rightly so.
  • Not sure whats gone wrong with it then , it works fine for a friend of mine too
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