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RIdley x-bow 10 vs Cannondale CAADX

pigelinpigelin Posts: 2
edited January 2016 in Commuting general
I'm planning on upgrading from my cheap MTB to cyclocross for my commute 11 km one way. I would probably use it for some weekend rides as well but this is primarily for commute on tarmac all year round (we have real winters here). I've looked online, but from a local store I would get to try it out first, a free bikefit, and lifelong service, which I find useful because this is my first "real" bike. This store has three alternatives which I would like your advice on.

1. Ridley X-bow 10 disc 105 2016 - 1725$ / 1580 euros
2. Ridley X-bow 10 disc 105 2016 with Shimano R685 hydraulic brakes (this is a custom build by the store) - 2055$ /1880 euros
3. Cannondale CAADX disc 105 2016 1760$ / 1610 euros

From what i've heard, the CAADX is a bit more like a road bike with a lower more aggressive ride. It is also smoother than the X-bow (?). However, the X-bow have better weels, tyres and brakes I think.

So the first question is perhaps if the CAADX or X-bow is the better choice, and secondly if the hydraulic brakes are worth it?
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