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Front Derailleur Problem

islwynislwyn Posts: 650
edited January 2016 in Workshop

Recently changed from a Shimano 105 chainset to an Ultgera one, since doing this the front mech doesn't seem to push out enough to move the chain from the little ring to the big one, it's close but not close enough.

To start with I thought I hadn't whacked the chainset through the BB enough however after reevaluating that, it's definitely in correctly.

I've also cleaned the mech to ensure there's no gunk stopping it from full movement, as well as re-applying the correct cable tension.

There's full movement in the mech, it just seems it needs to go that little bit further for this new chainset. Is it possible to 'move out' the Derailleur, almost a re-postition?

My knowledge of front mech mechanics isn't great sorry!


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Have you tried resetting it? The front mech is pretty easy but you just need to be patient and thorough. Parktools has a really good guide on this, I would take it from the start and see how you get on (sounds like a high limit screw issue but I would still do the whole thing to make a good job of it).
  • islwynislwyn Posts: 650
    Ok thank you.
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