Chapter 4. Thursday

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How's that TKM

Today is the man cave sorting.


  • Smoothly done young padiwan!

    Morning Losers!

    Today is a day of work that I can look forward to. I have an eye test this morning, and some free contacts session to see if I can wear them or not. On the way back from that, I'm coming via Sports Direct for a Scotland Rugby top, then M&S for a new wallet and then the bank to deposit a cheque. That's pretty much the entire morning taken up. Then this afternoon I'm away to our finance department to see what happens to the invoices we send out, and if we can make it more efficient.

    Should be fun.

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    Work meh planned for today :(

    Later is fill the transit with a load of house stuff ready to drop it off tomorrow morning, then if I get time a run with some mates
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    Morning Ladies,

    I knew it was going to be a good day yesterday !

    Finally my wife is going to be promoted (after 10years - she deserved this) - subject to the final interview !

    We went to the concert in London yesterday - The Temperance Movement @ The Forum, Kentish Town. We decided to drive there which saved us £51 !!! Bloody hell. Concert ticket is £15 and then you have to spend £25.50 a head for the travelcard - shocking !! 'Save the planet and use public transport' they say..yeah, sure - £49 costs me a full tank of petrol on my car and it lasts a month !!!

    Anyway, back to today.

    Office time now, finishing off few reports I want to get issued and invoiced this week.

    Off to Hemel Hempstead for some SOund tests later on today.

    Nothing planned for the evening, so probably more guitar practicing for rehearsal tomorrow.

    Have a good day, it will be good - trust me :)

    C u,

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    Morning fudge nuggets!

    Today is a continuation of my current wellness fail.

    Do some work and hope to get out so I can play some games when I get home and dribble in peace.

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    Spend most of the morning laughing at various teams including some rather senior ones for a stupid error (long winded DNS issue) which has escalated to comical levels.
    Bar that its quiet not much occurring just counting down till home time
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    Got a headache, was late to work because I forgot my wallet and needed petrol so had to go back.

    2 days to go until a nice ride on Saturday though, and the kids slept though last night!
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    Losing the plot a little today, too much of my own company I think. In the office tomorrow so I get to go the the cafe and consume fried pig which is always good. Other than that nothing to report.
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    I done some work this morning so I'm just passing time until I can go home.
    Went for a run at lunchtime but didn't bring spare socks so I'm finding out if I'm cool enough to get away without wearing socks. I'm pretty sure the answer is no but we'll see if anyone notices.
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    Yay, out for pre-birthday beers tonight with some mates. May go fur a curry as well if we get the munchies :)
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    So pissed off. There's a local guy who does some bits for me on my bike. I needed new gear cables and going for a big ride on Saturday, and with no time to do it myself he's doing it for me. Normally really reliable and punctual and I wanted it back tonight in case there were any issues. He picks up, does the work and delivers it back.

    Left work in time to get home for 7, at 6.50 he emails saying he's held up and can't drop it back tonight!! Isn't picking up his phone either as I'll happily go and collect tonight.

    Sorry, rant over!
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