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Single speed to multi speed conversion

thomlockethomlocke Posts: 6
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Hi everyone,

I've done some reading on this but not found a definite answer, particularly with regards to my bike, so would appreciate your help with this.

I have a 2014 Genesis Day One Disc which is a single speed bike I use for commuting (link to specs below). However I will shortly be moving to a hillier city. I'm also planning a cycle touring trip in Colombia in a years time. Finally I'd also like a winter road bike for when the weather is nasty. So to tick all 3 boxes I was planning to sell this bike and look for a second hand Croix de Fer but I was wondering is there a way to instead convert this single speed to a multi geared bike?

I have thought about adding a rear hub gear but feel apprehensive about equipment failures when I'm in rural South America! I know where I am with a derailleur.

Also, with this frame would I be able to add an extra chain ring and front derailleur with a clamp on attachment?

Thanks for your help!


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