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BMC SLR3 Vs BMC SLR 2 Which one to go for as an enthusiast

AndromedaTheM31AndromedaTheM31 Posts: 13
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BMC SLR3 Vs BMC SLR 2 Which one to go for as an enthusiast?
I am in verge of buying my first road bike and I have go 1000 pounds voucher from Cycle scheme, I have never raced so far and most probably I will never race. I want to ride for pleasure and
ON and OFF for commuting (25 Miles per day). I don't have any hobby as of now so planning to join in some cycling club. (I prefer short to medium rides. 30 -50 Miles max ) . I have hybrid which I will use predominantly for commuting and we have average bike shed in our office and I am commuting for the last 3 years..
OK enough background there I suppose.

I Trial ran Super six which i did not like at all for some reason (No offence). and some endurance bike like Specialized Roubaix and Synapse. (I have mixed opinion on them)
Strangely enough I liked SLR3 with Tigra/105 But was clearly able see the difference between full 105 and Tigra/105 combination. But I liked the frame and comfort in SLR 3.

Evans has got sale on SLR3 with Tigra/105 sifters for £900. (Very tempting for the money.) Not sure it would be good idea to upgrade in coupe of years with another £ 600 cycle Scheme voucher to the 105-group set and good wheels (Campagnolo Zonda Clincher). By which I am not paying the tax man £500 extra .

OR go for SLR 2 with 105 Group set now which cost £1500. I am paying £500 extra from my pocket.

I can afford either of them - but I would always like to take sensible decision.

What would you suggest for me? SLR3 with Tigra/105 sifters or SLR 2 with 105 Group set. I am not able to take the decision ,. So I will go your suggestion- What ever the majority of you say..

Please help me to decide.


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    You've ridden the SLR03 and liked it so my advice would be to go for that one.

    It is 10-speed (rather than 11-speed on the SLR02) but you can always upgrade at a later date if you want to for a lot less than the £500 price difference.

    You can get a full 11-speed 105 5800 groupset for less than £300 ... 72462.html

    With the balance you could also consider upgrading the wheelset from the rather basic but servicable R501's
  • philbar72philbar72 Posts: 2,229
    the 02 is a better bike. I've been lucky enough to ride the 03 and 02 and own a 2014 01! I'd actually rate the ALR01 as a better bike than the 03 for the first decent bike under a cycle to work scheme or such like.

    the comparison is based around the 02 being a better climbing and all round bike with a far better fork and frame. the 03 feels a bit dead in comparison.
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