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Cycling Specific Levi's

woodyonthebeachwoodyonthebeach Posts: 583
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Got a question. Has anybody bought a pair of the Levi's Cycling Jeans and actually ridden a bike in them, if wo what are they like? As I am thinking of getting a pair myself when I can get my censored to somewhere like the centre hell (aka regent street)


The doctor said I needed to start drinking more whiskey. Also, I’m calling myself ‘the doctor’ now


  • mr_mojomr_mojo Posts: 200
    I have the 508 Commuter Chino type jeans. I like the style and design, something I can wear cycling to work then in the office. They are quite slim on the legs for me whilst cycling but not uncomfortable or restrictive. I found them to be slightly bigger on the waist, I'm normally a 33/34" but 32" fits me perfectly.
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