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GXP to Hollowtech II

mugensimugensi Posts: 558
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My winter bike has a SRAM/Truativ crank and chain set. The rings are fairly worn and need replacing. The rest of the groupset is Tiagra 4600 and I was going to change the crank and chainset to a Tiagra 4700 setup. I have googled and searched endless threads and think Ive found the answer but then read another thread and find a contradictory answer to the previous one. So can anyone definitively tell me can I simply remove the crank/chainset and GXP cups and fit a Hollowtech II BB and tiagra chainset? The bike (Ridley Compact) has an English thread BB.


  • protoproto Posts: 1,482
    Yes, you can do that. As you say, simply remove SRAM chainset and BB. Replace with Hollowtech II BB and Tiagra chainset.
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