Etape transport for bikes

Rl3340 Posts: 4
I am taking a van down to the etape this year and have extra space if anyone would like their bike ( boxed /bagged) or gear transported please pm me or call 07561330603
The van will be double crewed ,secured ,has goods in transit insurance and can collect from the M4 M25, and M20 areas but might be able to meet elsewhere if needed.
Any thoughts questions or ideas welcome and am happy to help or be flexible.
This means you can fly into geneva with no bike hassle or worries or fears over airport security or baggage handlers.


  • fenix
    fenix Posts: 5,437
    Good luck with it - but folk don't know you from Adam so they would have to be very trusting to hand over their bike at a motorway services ! ;-)
  • I am 100% confident that the bikes will arrive unlike some of the people previously having bikes rejected by easy jet because of no room on the plane or crushed by baggage handlers
    But seriously if you or anyone else has concerns please call or pm and I will do my utmost to reassure you or even give you a lift !