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Tubular Tyres - Puncture Repairs

bianchibobbianchibob Posts: 306
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Hi All, I have just fitted my best road bike with a carbon fibre wheel set and Continental tubular tyres. I now need advice on what is the best way to effect a roadside repair in the case of a puncture.
Do the majority carry a spare tubular tyre, if so how easy is it to replace a glued on tubular ?

Or do you carry a liquid repair that you put into the punctured tyre and then re-inflate.

Finally can anyone recommend a person or company that can repair professionally a punctured tub. I have read somewhere you can unstitch the tub repair liner and then re-stitch, something I do not feel at the moment competent to undertake.

Your methods and comments would be appreciated.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,793
    on the go, tufo extreme will seal smaller holes, far more effective than vittoria pitstop

    if you've glued with traditional methods (vittoria mastik one glue is best, conti glue not as strong, forget it with vittoria magic mastik), you can fit a preglued tub and carry on riding, just don't try extreme cornering/braking

    the tufo 160g tubs are good as a spare, glue, dry, fold basetape to basetape, secure with rubber bands and keep in a ziploc bag until needed, it's only a bit large than an inner tube, reglue every year or so to keep it active

    there are different construction methods for conti tubs, the ones with traditional sewn carcass can be repaired diy (this is far easier than you may think, once you've done one you'll wonder why you thought it would be difficult) or sent away for repair, the other type i'm not sure you can repair other than with sealant
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  • Hi Sungod, thanks for a very succinct and informative reply. It sounds as though you have had plenty of experience of tubs, unlike myself, so I will follow your advice.
    My Continental tubs do have a sewn 'canvas' carcass so I might possibly have a go at a repair as and when necessary.

    Once again thanks
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,793
    if you have the willpower to go through the three tub threads pinned to the start of this forum on weightweenies you'll be able to pick up pretty much all that's worth knowing and a lot that isn't :) ... .php?f=113
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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