Sora Crank and 10 Speed Tiagra

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After my 2nd BB30 started creaking, I'm considering a conversion to use a Shimano Hollowtech II crank.
My options seem to be:
Praxis kit, or a sleeve adapter and separate BB (the cheaper option) - both plus new crank/chainset

Money's a little on the tight side at the moment, so I have a hardly used Sora 3500 compact crank on my steel Raleigh that I could use, but I'm not sure if it will be compatible with the 10 speed Tiagra 4600 on my CAADX.
I'm guessing it'll only be the chain that causes any potential issues, and yes, I am aware that I'll be moving from 46/36 to 50/34 and may need a new chain anyway

So, can I use the Sora 3500 crank with an otherwise Tiagra 4600 set up


  • keezx
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    No problem whatsoever.
  • andy9964
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    I had a feeling it would be okay, just wanted some confirmation. Q+A's on Wiggle say the same

  • Anonymous
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    I converted from BB30 to Hollowtech II a few months ago. I used an FSA press in sleeve and its worked like a dream. Bit of Loctite inside the shell while assembling. No creaks and a super smooth crank. I got a ceramic BB for free from a friend but all my other bikes use the Ultegra BB and they all work the same.
  • andy9964
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    Thanks, that's reassuring, it's what I've ordered, the FSA sleeve and Ultegra BB