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Strange noise comin from a turbo trainer

benidlebenidle Posts: 3
edited January 2016 in Road general
Hi everyone, I have a Cascade Fluid pro and have been running it for about a year with no problems, in the last few days I've discovered that when I build up speed the noise goes from the noise of the tyre on the rear roller and the noise of the fluid moving to a kind of mechanical noise, hard to describe but sounds like metal rubbing, or a grinding, I've searched every part of Google and can't find anyone else reporting similar. Any one have any ideas? I've tried three different bikes, with different tyres, I've tried changing tyre pressure, then I thought it might be that my hike was slightly misaligned when clamped, but I've also tried that. There is a bit of tyre rubber on the rear roller bit but not much. Thanks. Ben


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