WTF is This Shoot, Friday?

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Morning Losers!

Seriously, this looks weird. Everything looks weird. You look weird!

Couldn't log on yesterday morning, so gave up and got on with my life. It was pretty boring to be honest.

I just have to get through today, and then it's the weekeeeeend! Cannot wait! Hopefully nothing bad happens before then (I'll touch my lucky rabbits foot later).

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  • tlw1
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    Manflu has been caught :( tried to kill it with cider, it didn't work

    Today is home based so a chance to actually do some work for once.

    Later is the pub - as its Friday ;)
  • kinioo
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    Morning Ladies,

    Off to Birmingham for two days working... Back home tomorrow.

    Noise survey today and all day sound testing tomorrow.

    May be back for Sunday morning ride out to try out my new overshoes.

    Have a great day chaps!!

  • Thewaylander
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    Morning mong lovers,

    Today I am grumpy, they are trying to make me say when I want take my last 5 holidays between now and march, my answer, I don't know when its fricken dry so I can have some nice rides!!

    properly annoying.
  • VWsurfbum
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    Mehning muddy funkstars!

    Today is "Working" from home day, i definitely wont be watching netflix and playing F1 on the laptop. not me, nope.

    I also wont be shopping for new wheels for No1's 26" build.

    other than that it will be bacons and coffee all the way.
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  • step83
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    Morning slackers,

    Joy of work today, systems went down for a bit this morning which is a good sign usually means they will keep going down reducing the usual poor work output on friday further. If its after three were snookered as the people that fix it will be "working offsite" aka in the pub.
    Weather wise its back to how it was before the cold snap, went and a stiff breeze great if your waterfoul, crap otherwise mind an weekend doesnt look much better.
  • VWsurfbum
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    Excel has just crashed, i have taken this as a sign that i'm not meant to be working and i was stupid for trying.
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  • bg13
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    Na then!

    Sun shone and i skied, 63mph recorded on ski tracks, and no, that wasn't in the van on the way to the slopes!

    Some of our latest group of guests did a bit of yoga in the chalet lounge this morning, a couple of the quite tidy, flexible ones have left my bank brimming over! Talk about trying to avert your gaze and failing! One of the chalet girls suggested they would have more space in the garage downstairs, she is in my bad books!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • Thewaylander
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    that's the rules
  • veronese68
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    Afternoon all,
    In the office for the first time this week so been rather busy. I thought TKM may have been stuck in one of his ditches yesterday. Got to get packed up as I'm off to a mates wedding in Norwich tomorrow morning. It will be a heavy weekend.
  • Stevo_666
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    Evening Rubberneckers,

    Busy day at work but not a bad one. Pedalled in and left the bike at work as I have to be back sharpish for a spot of Dads taxi work. Followed by some online shopping for bike shiny things and some booze 8)
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