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Test of 20 minutes...

gontxo_nosgontxo_nos Posts: 28
edited February 2016 in Health, fitness & training
Hi, I'm currently training by heart rate. I took the test 20 minutes before starting the base.

Soon I will finish the base, need to do another test 20 minutes or this is not necessary?.

Some have told me that for training by heart rate is not necessary. Trained by watts if that would be necessary for training short series of high intensity.

What should I do?. The ideal is a potentiometer, but I can't buy at present.

Thanks! ;).


  • _HENDO__HENDO_ Posts: 93
    You can repeat test and it will show any improvement.
    However, that is only if you recorded correct info.
    Positive improvement could be shown by a further distance travelled in 20 minutes, a lower average heart rate over the 20 minutes for example.
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  • It's good to repeat every 8 weeks or so. Then you can see how much you are improving which is good for motivation. Remember that it's important to try and keep all the variables the same for every test (turbo, tyre pressure, with our without a fan, hydration etc).
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