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Watching the Paris-Roubaix - advice please

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Firstly I apologise if I have posted in the wrong forum. My questions seems to fit the Pro Race category better than any other.

So, I have booked up to go and watch the Paris-Roubaix this year with my brother and a friend. It will be the first visit for all of us and I was hoping someone could offer up some advice on how to get about (by car) whilst there? What are the best places to go and view from, ideally so we can see the race more than once? Any tips on where to park? What time to arrive at the viewing point etc....

We have a holiday static caravan booked for Saturday and Sunday night, so we have plenty of time on race day to soak up the atmosphere. We aren’t too far from the start, approx. 30-40 minutes by car so was wondering whether it’s feasible to see the start and then drive to a cobble section to watch the race come through later in the day.

Thanks in advance.



  • 2016 route isn't out yet, but working on the 2015 route (it shouldn't change too much) it's easy enough to see the race a number of times. I would start at Troisville, the first sector of the race. Route crosses the D643 here...

    Plenty of place to park, easy to get to, easy to get away from. From there it depends on how ambitious you want to be. 3 or 4 sections are easy enough or you could just play it safe and go to a couple of other places. Depends on what you want to see. Sars-et-Rosières and Brillon are just off the A23, Ennevelin is another good one. I would avoid Arenberg. To get there is easy enough, but to really see some action, rather than just watch 3 rows back over someone's head, you need to walk further into the forest. Not worth it in my opinion. Better to go to other places where you can see more and have more time to get to the next place.

    Haven't been to the finish for a few years, but I think you can still get into the velodrome easy enough. I've tended to go to the Carrefour de l'Arbre instead. Oh and the start is pretty easy to. The teams assemble in a square in Compiegne, but a good number of teams park outside, so a good opportunity for photos and autographs if that's your thing.

    If you have time, it's not a bad idea to check ahead and go to the places you plan to see the race. Do a dry run the day before so you know where you're going. Even better if you are about on the Thursday or Friday, the teams do a recce of the course. They usually start at Arenberg and finish up around the Carrefour.

    And do forget to bring a bike and have a go yourself.
  • ^you can still get into the velodrome. As ever, the earlier the better spot, mind
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