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Why does Gumtree's system entirely remove ended listings

ben-----ben----- Posts: 573
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In trying to find my stolen bike this question niggles at me:

Why does Gumtree's system completely remove all existence of deleted listings and sellers? That aspect of their system really helps thieves. eBay allows ended, for whatever reason, listings to still be searched and viewed for a good while. I've also asked Gumtree this but presumably they won't change their entire system just because I've asked that question. Making finished listings still available wouldn't harm legitimate users. Seems quite wrong that it's like that to me.


  • mattsawmattsaw Posts: 907
    Probably to help search engine indexation.

    On a site running into millions of pages its probably impossible to keep all of the current listings indexed, let alone the older ones.

    Removing the old listings helps the new ones get indexed quicker as it frees up search engine crawl and index budget and also improves usability as people aren't arriving on dead and expired adverts.
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