The Dreaded Monday...

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Morning Losers!

Another hour or day of sleep would have been nice. Meh.

My minion text me yesterday telling me he'd been ill all weekend and wasn't coming in on Monday. I call this lame. I've had to get a lesser-spotted minion in to cover him.

So today is going to involve running round doing my job as well as my minions job.

This evening, I'm going to make sausage rolls.

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  • tlw1
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    You haven't got a good sausage roll in you!'

    Not enough sleep here too, which is what you want before a work meh day
  • Thewaylander
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    Morning monkeys

    Back in work after 2 weeks of wellness fail! sucks ass.

    But on the bright side, I have my place in the epic Cymru so super excited! just gotta get fit again.
  • veronese68
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    Morning all,
    Working from home again for most of this week, working not walking I hasten to add. It's incredibly dull work, but at least I'm here. Not much else going on around these parts.
  • step83
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    Morning all, dull day as usual here only mild highlight is its not raining. Went for a nice walk in the snow covered woods yesterday and now have a dirty great blister under my big toe which is really really annoying me. Question is. To burst or not to burst.
  • schmako
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    On the train to Glasgow now, one more train to Balloch then a 20 mile cycle to the hostel.

    Check in is 4 - 7, should make it barring any disasters!

    Raining today, but meant to be clear Tuesday/Wednesday.
  • y2keable
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    Something of noteworthy digestion, though I can't find an adequately robust way in which to stress it; I'm tired.

    Woke up at 4:00 on Sunday morning to take a drive up to Glenshee, arrived at 9:30, ski'd up to 4pm and drove back to arrive home for 9:30 where there was zero food cooked for me so I went back out again to grab a take-away. today, I'm farked.
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    [:D] Paying close attention to my mental hygeine. [:D]
  • bg13
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    Bit of work, lot of skiing and some more work later!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • Stevo_666
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    I'm on the way home to kid and dog sit while the wife is out at a school fundraising effort. I've left the minions to it, they'd better behave themselves! Could do with more sleep mind you.
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