Any cheapish toolkits out there?

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Looking for a cheapish basic toolkit to send to Mauritius where my parents are going to move to later this year.
As it will not have heavy use, not overly worried about out and out quality.

Gutted to miss out on this one, as they had it for 9.99 this morning, I had it in my basket along with a £35 track pump, I get distracted by gf and small child, I go back to add some hex keys in, and it's rocketed up to £49.99 :evil:

Plentiful colourful language followed - my daughter was in the garden though.

Their pricing 'policy' I do find quite frustrating at times, and there is no way I can now bring myself to spend £50 on what I had in my basket for £10.
I realise I am being childish, but I was going to spend well over £50 with them, and now I'll be spending that money elsewhere.

So anyway, an anyone recommend a decent toolkit, or has anyone seen any stonking deals?

I'm going to need these as a minimum:
Hex keys
Chain breaker
Pedal spanner
Chain whip
Cassette removal tool
Cable cutter (Though the basic kits seem to not have these, so I might send mine and get a better one for here)
Crank extractor
Bottom bracket tool

I've seen this one at Decathlon, where I happen to be going tomorrow:

Or this one from CRC:

And this one from Tredz (Who have £5 off a £30 spend):

Any others out there I have missed or yet to find?

Tredz kit looking favourite at the moment, partly as they have this for £18:
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    I think I have a version of the Decathlon one (bought from one of the Lidl/Aldis) - in fact I bought 2 - one which I left at my old employer for the cycling commuters.

    They're OK provided the bike is in good order and you go carefully with them - wouldn't risk it on an equally cheap bike or a rusty one. I think the brass bush of the chain splitting tool on both sets came loose but I think that's the only significant issue.
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    Thanks MRS, after a fair bit of reading up on t'internet, the Bikehand kits seem to get pretty good reviews overall, for a variety of their kits - so for the £25 I paid this seemed the best compromise.

    I've added the park tools cutters on, and will ship my lifeline ones out with the bike.

    It will only be occasional maintenance, but it will be a re-assurance to have it out there - also going to ship out my Lidl workshop stand as well, and going to order a lifeline professional trackpump for £15 or so from Wiggle - reviews are glowing.

    So spending an extra £15 on the toolkit, but saving £20 on the trackpump, so £5 up at the end of the day :D
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    I have a cheap Lidl one, now 5 years old, built upteen bikes and stripped down a lot more.

    Cassette tool is now a bit worn, and as mine didn't come with them I had to buy the HT2 parts separately, but overall very happy.
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  • Just to balance things out, I have the Lidl one and the chain on the chain whip broke the third time I used it and the pedal spanner bent on its first use. Those items look very similar to the ones in the Decathlon set so I would personally avoid Lidl's or Decathlon's tool kits.
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    Keep an eye on Aldi - they often have similar sets in for £15.