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I'm changing jobs next month and my commute/working days will change from a 35mile round trip commute x2 days per week to Sheffield to 56+ mile round trip x5 days per week to Leeds.

Obviously this cannot be done purely by bike as I will now also have a laptop to carry too. I've looked at trains but at nearly 1hr 45min each way & the cost, it isn't appealing.

I'm looking for options to drive part of the way and cycle the remaining distance. I don't know Leeds or the surrounding areas so I'm looking for suggestions.

I shall be working between the Leeds Grand Theatre/Opera House & Lovell Park, I shall be driving up the M1 & looking to find somewhere close to the M1/M621 where I can park for the day (preferably free) and cycle in. I've thought about parking @ Temple Newsam or Parking at the Park & Ride at Elland Road.

Any other suggestions?



  • First off - there's a lot of parking in business estates just off junction 46; pretty reasonable cycling down to Cross Gates and in York Road, or down Selby Road. Long hills back though!

    My own choice would be to come off M1 at junction 44, head right towards Rothwell and find somewhere to park. Ride down to the river/canal, and take the TPT into the heart of Leeds. (Warning - there's an unfriendly flight of stairs at Thwaite Mills!).

    But then I'm based in east Leeds - and don't know the south nearly as well.

    [edit] More thoughts.

    A bit longer rides - but with the options of the railway if the weather messes up? Park at Woodlesford (and TPT into Leeds) or Garforth stations (head for Nanny Goat Lane, then bridleways through to Manston Lane, Cross Gates, and York Road into Leeds).

    Or park in Aberford, and ride in through Barwick, again on to York Road.
  • Quick Update,

    After the lack of scouting suitable places to leave my car everyday while I cycle part way to work, I've decided to start cycling the entire distance, so far I'm cycling once a week, 56mile round trip with an average of 3800ft of climbing, I hope to start twice a week in the coming weeks.
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    Obviously this cannot be done purely by bike as I will now also have a laptop to carry too.


    Am I the only one who would push back on having to carry a laptop both ways every day?
    Even if you are happy to donkey 2kgs make sure the company accepts liability for loss or damage. One large bank I worked at stated employees were liable and the team I was in regularly expected members to take their laptops with them.
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    Sounds like a good argument for a tablet type computer or a wafer thin machine.

    While I don't envy your distance, I would definitely be using a pannier if I had to lug a normal laptop to work and back.

    Can't you leave it in the changing room lockers!?
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    I do drive-bike commuting, of about 26-28 miles round-trip, and I love it!

    Having the flexibility to shorten the commute to 14-16 miles in the winter is a nice luxury and it means i don't have to sit in city traffic.

    There must be some little villages you can park in outside Leeds? Even if it means a 5 minute detour in the car to get to somewhere suitable.
  • As it turns out, I don't have a requirement to take my laptop home, so I leave it locked in my locker.

    To be honest, the commute yesterday wasn't as bad as expected, 1hr 45min to work & 2hr 20min home (more uphill going home), I left home at 5:45am and arrived home around 8pm.

    As said, I only plan on doing this once/twice per week, I can't cycle everyday due to kids clubs. My main thought behind the split drive/cycle commute was to avoid the rush hour traffic in the car but it isn't as bad as expected (famous last words!)

    Doing the full commute once/twice per week also has its benefits, I can take my clothes to work in the car and leave them at work ready, I can take food to work in the car ready for the cycling days, it means I really only have myself/water/snacks to transport daily.
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    Nice one! Means you can get a new bike, right?
  • coriordan wrote:
    Nice one! Means you can get a new bike, right?

    Don't need one, My Cube Race CX Disc is a fantastic bike (made better with Hydraulic brakes). Although, once my road bike sells, I shall use some of the proceeds to build myself some commuting wheels for it & then will look to build myself a touring bike for next years holiday :)