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MTB riding in Bangkok, Thailand

shishonoshishono Posts: 2
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I want to share my riding in Bangkok
Here we don't have many jungle trails or mtb parks to ride so we have to find our own way. Hope you like my videos :)

1. Riding from Prachachuen to Phutthamonthon through Bang Chueak Nung canel.
Route at start to middle of the video is around Bang Phlat that we have local friend to lead. The cement path without fence at toward the end of the video is path along Chueak Nung canel. It's so dark if you close your flashlight, you can not see anythings. if you fail, you have to swim :lol:

route: ... /655936768

2. Riding from Prachachuen to Tang Kuay Noodle (famous noodle shop).
Route in video start from Prachachuen Rd. then deal with traffic jam at Lad Prao Rd. before turn to Lad Prao canel then San Seab canel that can turn to small canel to back of our destination. :wink:

route: ... /653128228

3.Riding MTB through Nonthaburi jungle and ridge
Route pass around Bangphlat to Bang Kruai police station then turn back direction to Rama VIII Bridge. Some paths are new. Routes around here always have surprise. :)

route: ... /659249966
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