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Rose Xeon CGF2000 or GF2000

meduk1meduk1 Posts: 7
edited January 2016 in Road buying advice
Going to be ordering a new bike at the end of the month and have settled on a Rose Xeon based on good reviews for the range and great value for money. The bike will mainly be used for weekend rides through the UK and abroad in decent weather (will keep my existing secteur for commuting and wet weather)

In 2 minds whether to go for the carbon or aluminium at this level. There's only £100 in it with the 105 spec'd bikes (don't feel the need to go to Ultegra). I know there are tonnes of threads on carbon vs alumium but I wondered if anyone had any experience of this range or this price point for bikes.

I'm also right on the weight limit for both frames at 110kg. I'm planning on upgrading the wheels to help out with this.


  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 319
    I already own a Rose and love it, currently looking at the above two bikes maybe with Ultegra or even SRAM just for a change. Not much different in weight between the aluminium and carbon but what is swinging it is the new paint scheme on the carbon. The red and black on the carbon is lovely, it's ok on the aluminium but not quite as nice.
  • vorticevortice Posts: 244
    I had the same decision to make and couldn't really decide. In the end a review swung it for me. The reviewer rode both carbon and aluminum bikes and felt the aluminum one felt a bit more alive whilst still remaining smooth and comfortable, so that's what I went with. I don't think you'd regret either.
  • mlefa30mlefa30 Posts: 64
    I've also been looking at this, has the position of the rear brake caused any concern or problems.

    a bit different so wondering on feedback after use??? Or am I being paranoid!!
  • As am I. How is their geometry? I'm currently riding a 56cm Scott AFD Elite. I love it, but I feel that it's a touch big. Would it be wise to go for the 53 or 55cm? I'm leaning towards the smaller frame as I can always put a longer stem on, but at the same time, I don't want to make the bike look like a giraffe!!
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