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MS Surface 3s

ddraverddraver Posts: 24,062
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Hi Guys

Has anyone got any experience with one of these toys? I'd like something more portable than my big laptop so hat I can watch films on planes and trains etc but also store stuff like music and GoPro W**ker videos (though not edit them) and this appears to fit the bill

I can't really stretch to the new Surface Pro 4s and to be hones they re probably more than I need. When the laptop dies I'd replace it with something powerful but less portable (the surface Book looks lurvly but in reality I'll probably just get a desktop box so i can do photo editing and video editing

There are a myriad of reviews online I know but I like to hear from "normal" people on computers rather than just IT nerds

Thanks :D
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  • laurentianlaurentian Posts: 2,006
    I've got one. (Although it's a "2" 64Gb)

    Its OK. No more, no less.

    Awkward to type on if you need to get anything done quickly (the pro with the keyboard is probably much better), it has a very annoying autocorrect/suggestion thing, the windows software is far from intuitive and it often freezes. iPAD is far more straightforward. It doesn't seem to like some google applications, Google Maps, for instance, will not work on it.

    Does the job but I honestly wouldn't rush out to buy another without giving it a really good road test. Maybe the 3 is better
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  • FlâneurFlâneur Posts: 3,081
    I've had a 3 and got a 4 (both Pro and both through work)

    Given them so I can access the network etc. They are very nice and better for work connectivity (think Office products) however for ease of use and just video watching web/browsing the iPad is the winner for me each time. The Surface Pro is very usable just not quite as simple (not to say I find it complicated but the better half never touches the Surface but will pick up the iPad)

    Best to ask yourself what are you storing? Films to watch or a whole range of file types. Secondly how are you storing them? I store very little locally these days, most of my life is in dropbox or some other cloud system, including my photos.

    My advice on whatever you store or however you use your device get as much memory as possible (64gb is probably my ideal point). With all these apps coming in HD they can soon burn through space, add in a music collection and a few 720 films (each film is between 800mb/1gb roughly)
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  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,062
    Thanks Guys, I think the 3 is much better than the 2 from what I ve read

    I was looking at a full on tablet but it seems like that I can get a lot more functionality for only a small amount extra (than, say, an ipad air).

    It's always useful to have a seperate computer system with you when I'm away with work (with a big work computer as well), and then I could use it for storing music (now that the ipod is no more), backing up films I ve made but also swapping films to watch on a plane onto the device using the USB port and also doing some simple computing tasks.

    Curling up on the sofa with netflix is not something I really do (I'd just chromecast it). Plus I tend to find myself in places where good WiFi is simply not available so I am cynical about cloud storage at the moment...
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,366
    I quite want one simply because AIUI it can run "proper" programs like a computer; my work laptop is totally locked down so I can't install anything and I don't have a personal laptop any more. 95% of my home computer usage could easily be done on an ipad or something but there's that odd occasion where I need to install something or need a computer for some reason.

    Unfortunately I don't need one enough to shell out for it at the moment...
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Before a business trip to New York in September last year I bought a top of the range Surface Pro 3 with docking station and I cannot believe how I have ever travelled without it in the past.

    Brilliant piece of Kit and I can run my whole company from any where with an internet or 3G connection, the Pro 4 is larger and I would probably have still bought the 3.

    I wish I hadn't delayed buying, Microsoft and PC World had a special offer on where they had £200 off which brought it down to £1350 and then PC World offered a 10% cash back at the same time and I ended up with it costing £1200 :-)

    I seriously thought about MacAir but although it would run my office software and sage accounts, it would have been a compromise and as I need it for Access, Excel, Outlook and marginally Dreamweaver and Photoshop, it really wasn't an option.
  • I have 4 of them (!)
    I have three Surface 2 models, in 64gb and 32gb flavours. Not "pro". These run Win8.1RT and are great for the children's homework. Full Office, Outlook and IE. They can't install software (except for stuff out of the windows app store, which is relatively limited). I would recommend getting VLC or similar as a media player.
    It also works fine as a media player for most films, if you have something like VLC.

    I've bought micro SD cards (64gb for £13) to boost the storage, and can also use the USB port to transfer files or play films direct from memory stick.

    I have the Surface 3 bundle, which is fully-flavoured Win10. I use it in place of my laptop pretty much all the time, including for work.
    It has full Office etc but can load full software.

    I've not got the docking station. It's something I've looked into, but it seems quite pricey (£100 ?). I might go for one of those generic docking thingummys, but they won't work with the other surfaces (being Win8.1RT).

    I don't use the fancy electronic pen.

    To my mind, the key advantages are:
    - size. I cycle with mine a LOT, and the weight difference between surface and a normal ultrabook is considerable.
    - power. The new surface 3 has a high power micro USB charger, which means I can use it to power my phone etc when on the move.
    - expandability. The use of micro SD cards is great. I can get 64gb storage for £13 and it's always there as an additional drive. (I don't want to rely on cloud storage, as I'm often out of range of wifi).
    - compatibility. THey all work great, particularly the Surface 3 with full Win 10.

    To give an example. I am working away at the moment, and my work laptop died at home at the weekend. I am typing this on one of the Surface 2 that I pinched from the children.
    I've used it on the train to work and watch film, for several hours travelling here.
    I carried it approx. 30 miles on the bike, along with the week's kit. No probs.

    The only improvement I'd like to make is to add a Bluetooth mouse. I generally use a wireless mouse, but this takes up the USB slot. Or I might get a USB hub thingy you can buy for £20 that sits on the side of the surface.
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  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,062
    Thanks Boys, should be here today :)

    Edit - or it would have been if I'd remembered my ID, 2 flipping days waiting now and I paid for the faster postage :(
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
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