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Spinning Shoes

BannoBanno Posts: 63
I have been doing spin classes over winter using just trainers.
The spin bikes at my club use pedals with toe clips and straps, but do not have SPD'd on the back.
Can I use MTB shoes without cleats (I haven't got any shoes yet so would just mean not installing cleats) for these type of pedals?



  • Might be a stupid question.. But why not continue using trainers if you can just strap in?

    Or did I miss something?
  • BannoBanno Posts: 63
    Might be a stupid question.. But why not continue using trainers if you can just strap in?

    Or did I miss something?

    Because doing a high intensity workout in a pair of very flexible trainers is a bit unpleasant when you are used to very stiff cycling shoes.
  • Fair enough.

    From my very limited look at spd shoes.. They look to be a solid plastic sole near enough with moulded blades type grip for when you get off the bike.

    I'd think they would be incredibly difficult to place you feet comfortably on a platform pedal in that case.. Have you tried just a stiffer soled trainer, or are yours pretty stiff as far as trainers go already?
  • BannoBanno Posts: 63
    Mine are running trainers, not sure what trainers I could get that would be stiffer really.
  • There's always five ten biking shoes. They're supposed to be pretty stiff. They seem to be the go to when people are using flat pedals.. They do look quite sturdy though.. Don't know whether the weight would be prohibitive.
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    Go to a bike shop and have a look at shoes. Surely you'd then be able to figure out what would or wouldn't work on the spin bikes.
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  • _HENDO__HENDO_ Posts: 93
    The thing about using stiff soles is that your not going to naturally stabilise and strengthen the muscles and tendons that support your foot whilst pedalling as well as you would in flexible shoes.

    Best thing to do is keep the trainers and then when your using stiff soles you will get an instant benefit!

    Plus spinning is supposed to be uncomfortable!
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  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    Set of something like Shimano MT33 cheap an come with cleat covers plus should be plenty stiff enough though I agree you should be able to use trainers just hooking them in, unless like mine they have SPD flip flop pedals.
  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    Are you sure the Spin bikes don't have SPDs on the back? thats very unusual.

    I use these: ... -prod69969

    Lighter than MTB shoes, but I can walk in the gym in them without leaving cleat prints on the rubber matting and getting frowned at by the OCD gym bunny/staff.

    Only downside, is they are a bit square looking and the heals are a bit too soft for my liking - easily trodden down. But very good for the money.
  • alasdairb1alasdairb1 Posts: 5
    I originally had the same problem, using general running shoes, before realizing they were actually too big. I bought a pair one size smaller, and had not much improvement, but then I tied them very tight around my feet and the difference was incredible.
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