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Cycling and Pregnancy

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Hi all,

The BR editorial team were wondering if anybody (or anybody's friend/relative) has any experience with cycling whilst pregnant.

Any issues/recommendations/clothing etc.

All feedback welcomed!

Thanks in advance :D
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  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    depends how far into the pregancy they are as you'd struggle to get your leg over and bend over when the bump is big (even with a small bump any bending over would put pressure on the bladder). There is also the issue of falling off even if you are on the road, also as the pelvic bones move out sitting on a saddle could potentially quite sore. There was no way my wife could have done it. Could have put her in one of those trailers though ha ha ha
  • zebra67zebra67 Posts: 113
    me, 4 pregnancies, to the end, no issues or special things to recommend. My community MW was a mad cyclist too. I cycled 30 (?34) miles RT to a 34 week scan and only got praise from the consultants.

    We were both long-torso'd though, maybe more awkward for petite people.

    I fell off a few times, too, when pg (blush), no issues from those events, either.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    my wife rode until about 7-8 months - just what distances and pace she could manage - ultimately reverted back to her hybrid.
    She did buy some mans bib shorts with a low cut front as the ladies ones she had were quite high cut or had a single piece up the front.
  • Thanks all for the replies so far!
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  • I don't recall my partner had any issues riding her bike through the whole pregnancy. The bump is well protected but the issue is likely to be toilet based I guess as the bladder takes quite some pressure on it from the bump anyway. Morning sickness had more of an effect than the bump. 3 months of it really bad so cycling was not as much fun but it was her form of transport so she just got on with it.

    I think there is a tendency for people to get over protective of pg women. The bump is well protected and mother / baby both do well if the mother gets some exercise. You can fall over walking so should we wheel pg women around in wheel chairs?

    Women know their own bodies and will feel for themselves when to stop riding or the changes to their riding that is needed to continue. Midwives can't know what's happening to them any better. Trust the pg woman in your life to make their own mind up on cycling, that's my advice to any prospective father.

    PS there will be a bit of sociological research into pregnancy and activity. I'm sure if you're interested in it for an article you'll be able to find some sociological paper on cycling and pregnancy. Sociologists tend to write / research about everything.
  • bigmonkabigmonka Posts: 361
    My wife cycled to her 39week midwife appointment.
    She took it easy and it was only 4miles, but I think the exercise helped keep her healthy (and sane towards the end!).

    It made me nervous knowing that she was cycling in traffic though!
  • JimReyesJimReyes Posts: 6
    I personally don't have any experience like this. But i think its alright with cycling when you are pregnant. It is like an exercise.
  • amrushtonamrushton Posts: 1,245
    My wife did it until week 32. We raised her bars as she got bigger and went cycling in flat areas - she could do 40 miles. Kept her fitness high.
  • metallhasemetallhase Posts: 3
    I was cycling till the end with both pregnancies, no problem :D
    I guess it really depends on the pregancy and how secure you feel when handling a bike
  • I think a lot of factors are in play here unfortunately. I mean if you're healthy, and the pregnancy is going smoothly with little to no complications? Why not go for a nice evenign ride once in a while.

    But if you have complications, are generally pretty unhealthy, and enjoy riding your bike over difficult terrain? It might be better to hold off on riding for a little while.

    Personally I think this is a question more fitted for your doctor than for a bike enthusiast board. Especially since reading all the replies so far is more anecdotal than factual based.
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