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Boardman Carbon SLR = Any Good ?

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
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Just wondered if its a steal at just over thirteen hundred pounds, full Ultegra groupset/wheels during the Halfords sale at the moment.

Would you purchase one of these ?

Any points of view ?


  • What would you like to use the bike?
    Training? Commuting? or racing?
  • MikeBrewMikeBrew Posts: 814
    I looked at these and they're well spec'ed for the money component-wise, especially so at the sale prices. I suspect Boardman and Halfords sometimes, unfairly, fall victim to potential sales lost to brand snobbery. That said, there are lots of other very good deals out there at the moment as my own buying research has shown me.

    Speaking of which, I recently saw brand new Boardmans, being offered for cash on collection only at Halfords' sale prices, by a private seller on Ebay. The ad read that all sizes and many models were available, something very un-toward going on there I would imagine ! Especially with Boardman being a Halfords only brand (apart from the "ELite" range).

    I would post the link here for the mods to pass on to Halfords to investigate, am unsure of the rules re posting links to any sort of sale advert in thus forum ... Mods ?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    For 1300 you'd be struggled to beat it. The reviews are amazing. I owned a 2008 vintage one built with 105 11sp and it was an absolute beauty (see sig). Had to ride it to the buyers house and forgot how great it was.

    An excellent frame overlooked due to brand snobbery. I'd take one at the drop of a hat if I was in the market at that price (notwithstanding the hi mod frames at Pauls for 750 and blow the budget a bit).

    Is quite a racy geometry and perhaps a touch harsh but allowing for a 5mm spacer and 25mm tyres it would put a smile on any riders face. Not a bike for pootling.
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