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Another newbie

rocky_riderrocky_rider Posts: 24
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Hi All

Another newbie to the forum. I am a roadie veteran but due to time constraints have decided to go the MTB route as road bikes just take too much time. I have found that a short run on a MTB is every bit as effective as a longer run on the road. However, I digress. For no particular reason on that wanting one, I got myself a nice used Marin Rock Springs, about '07 or '08 from what I can ascertain and it seems to be stock. I'm not gone on the Magura Julie brakes but that's for another day! After getting the bike in March and fiddling about a bit (new chain and new gear cables), I broke my ankle in late May (tripped down some steps) and that scuppered my plans till now. However, over the Chrimbo break I got a few runs in Rostrevor and Castlewellan (in NI for those that don't know) as they are both only 15 miles from home. To say I had a blast would be an understatement and I wish I'd MTBed sooner! Roll on Sunday for some more. :D:D Hoping to lose a few kg and get fit again....


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