grinding like metal on metal

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I'm not sure if its just bedding in, but my front brake is really weak and grinds like metal on metal.
The rear is fine and slows down rapidly with no squicks grinds or screams, and it was wet.
Do I need to clean off pads or give the rims a good wipe over.
It's a new bike and I'm a begginer on the road bikes.
I've tried to attach images but there to big.


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    In the winter and in general during riding on wet roads the pads pick up dirt and start grinding the rims away.
    Take the wheel out and clean pads and rims with brake cleaner .
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    As above, if your pads have slots in them make sure you clean those out as stones/grit often get wedged in there. I find it easier to leave the wheel in and remove the pads from the caliper and then go at them in a bowl of soapy water with a nail brush. Just make sure you put them back in the correct position in relation to the brake track.
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  • I'll get some break cleaner tomorrow.
    The forks were covered in what I think was the alloy from the rim.
    Just hope I've not done to much damage you can see and feel where its wearing in to the rim.
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    If you don't do anything it can go really fast on descends....
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    In this weather I give the rims and pads a quick hose down (say 15 seconds per side) after the end of each ride - washes all the cack, extends pad and rim life.
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    Also a good idea to occasionally take off your wheels and gouge out the little bits of alu from the actual pad surface. Not just the slots.
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    I would reccommend getting some triple compound pads while riding in the wet. They offer better braking and will be better for your rims. Can get some quite cheap ones on Wiggle.

    Also when braking in the wet it helps to cadence brake to kind of clean the water and crap off the rims.
  • In winter or wet days you don need to clean the rim and pads more often than dry days.
    Clean the rim with bike cleaner, take the pads off and use a old toothbrush to clean it.
    Also pick the trapped metal/small objects from the pads.
    You can also try to adjust the pad position...