First Saturday in January Thread...

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Morning Losers!

Well I got home last night to find they tried delivering my exhaust at 5pm on NYE! Needless to say, I was long gone. They said they left a calling card, but there's nothing here to say they've been, it's their online tracking that is telling me this. Now I'll have to collect in on Monday :roll:

So, today will be a day of chilling out and trying to avoid that niggling sensation that I'm back to work on Monday. I think I'll make it my resolution this year to win the lottery.

It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.
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    Morning tw@s,

    Back to driving guests to and from the slopes today, heavy rain in Morzine but higher up Avoriaz has snow! Keep the white stuff coming!

    Hope you all enjoy your last couple of days off before you go back to work!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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    afternoon wombles,

    Took my old car for an MOT, considering its been sat for well over a year I was amazed it only failed on a numberplate bulb and a perished drop link rubber. Battery was fine thanks to a solar trickle charger Id left on it. Just back from the re test after swapping the bulb an droplinks. One pass. Its being picked up next week by its new owner. Happy days
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    Boring day clearing the house ready for moving house

    Later will be the pub
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    Evening mongs,

    Had to visit the mother in law who is vegetating in an old fogies home and unaware that it is her birthday :roll: . I should probably include her in the 2016 death pool. Then it was having family round for a late lunch. Now dossing for a bit and may watch football later.
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  • Greetings all,

    Happy new year to everyone.

    Lets see what this year brings.

    Quiet day watched The Kingsman (rather good actually) and looking forward to Channel 4s spy thing later.

    For me the best spy movies are all The Bournes bar the last one.