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Cycling around Mallorca?

BikeLady52BikeLady52 Posts: 2
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Does anyone know where I can find details of cycling around Mallorca (not random cycles, actually cycling around the island)



  • hdowhdow Posts: 183
    Haven't come across guide books detailing tours round the island so think you may have to plan your own. Most cyclist head there for training rides rather than tours

    First thing is to get a decent cycle map. Mine came from Sport Bequi who have a branch in El Arenal close to the airport. No doubt it is available elsewhere not under their name. shows all the roads that most other maps leave off. Also grades the roads as to how busy they are. Even the busy one are far quieter than those in the UK

    Accommodation shouldn't be a problem outside the main season & there are plenty of places to eat. Camp sites are limited though

    Hopefully someone will post a link to a blog of a tour. If not come back with more specific queries
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    Above is the "classic" route from the Mallorca 312.
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  • Follow the Mallorca 312 route. Having said that, a lot of is pretty boring compared to the alternatives in the west.

    This is the best map, and it comes in several languages.
  • llu02llu02 Posts: 29
    Good suggestion. About to go with the club this year.
  • jerry3571jerry3571 Posts: 1,532
    Think it took 15 hours for a couple of people I know to do it. Long old day. Not sure if it was an average of 15-16mph.
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  • 4kicks4kicks Posts: 549
    It was a mess this year as there were about 4000 entrants and the new Guardia Civil boss put a couple of cars on the front to slow it down so everything bunched.
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  • This is a good site to find routes:
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