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RockShox Reba Soloair problem

JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
edited January 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, I have a problem (I think?) with my 2013 Rockshox Reba RL29 Soloair on my Specialized Camber 29er.

If I set them up with 25% sag then I can only put in 50/60 psi and they are really sloppy and bottom out all the time.

If I put in around 100 psi (correct for my weight) then they don't bottom out when riding but I get pretty much zero sag and they dont compress until I put some weight behind them, so although they absorb the big stuff they stay pretty solid over the smaller stuff.

I have Rebas on my 26" and I've always been very happy with them. I've read about leakage into the negative air chambers and adding bottomless tokens to reduce the volume of the airsprung but with my limited knowledge with forks it's all Chinese to me :x

How much would I be looking for a rebuild/service????



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